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How do you know if this relationship is doomed? If you’re reading this, you’re probably in a head-spin, worried about whether your relationship is normal, if it’s doomed, if it can be saved, or if it’s even worth saving at this point? You obviously know there’s a problem, but don’t panic just yet – chances […]

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In Australia, the family law legislation encourages parents to agree about matters concerning their children and to take responsibility for their parenting arrangements by working together to resolve conflict. The Family Law Act states that parents ideally should make their own private arrangements with regards to parenting and custody, by way of a Parenting Plan.  […]

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The disadvantage of making a Binding Financial Agreement is that you give up the right to have a Court decide for you, about the matters you have dealt with in your Agreement. This means that the court cannot take into account matters which it otherwise would because you have decided to control your own affairs. For […]

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