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Case Studies Financial Agreements

Case Studies

Financial agreements can be used by couples at any stage of a personal relationship – married or de facto, before, during or after.
People use Financial agreements to document a property settlement in the case of a separating couple or to set out how they wish financial matters to be dealt with in the event of relationship breakdown

We spoke to some of our recent customers to learn about their experiences with using our financial agreement kits and Legal Review Package (formerly known as Document Review Service).

these are their stories.

De facto Cohabitation Agreement

Dean and his girlfriend were buying a house together.

“The first quote we got for an agreement was about ten thousand dollars from a lawyer.”

Read Dean’s Story


De facto Same Sex Separation Agreement

Julie had separated from her partner and needed to transfer her share of the family home to her.

“I had spoken to a few other people about this and they made it more complicated than it needed to be.”

Read Julie’s Story


Tale of two agreements – separation and prenup

Chris and his fiance are getting married. This is the story he sent us via email on the 10th Septemeber 2019

“With constant pressure on my ex-wife, we were left with no alternative but to communicate with each other through the legal channels provided through our respective solicitor’s. Needless to say, this slowed the Agreement process immensely, and of course, the whole process became very frustrating and added an intensified level of distrust, which had been absent previously.”

Read Chris’ Story

Separation (Marriage) Agreement

Natalie had separated from her husband.

“We found one online that we downloaded and it was fine, it had all the details in it and then it said to take it to a lawyer and get it verified.  That’s when everything got a bit difficult.”

Read Natalie’s Story


Separation Agreement including Superannuation Splitting

Michael and his wife separated and needed to include the division of superannuation assets in their property settlement.

“If they’d wanted it all up front there was no way I would have shelled out for it but having seen the template, I filled that out and I didn’t have any concerns with it.”

Read Michael’s Story


De facto Separation – Conscious Uncoupling

Steve and Heidi decided they wanted a conscious uncoupling of their long term de facto partnerhip.

“I had a few dramas at home.  We decided that we were going to go through a conscious uncoupling of the relationship.”

Read Steve and Heidi’s Story

Separation Agreement

Dean had separated from his partner.

“It was a bit of a stressful time and it just made it really easy to deal with and get on with things.”

Read Dena’s Story.

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